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where to buy wellbutrin order strattera Win One Hundred Bucks - EASY | GorillaSushi
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Win One Hundred Bucks - EASY

I've given away t-shirts, my integrity, 184 kittens and more in previous contests but I now offer you, kind reader, a chance to win $100 in cold hard cash money.
That's like at least 100 dollar bills.
You're probably asking yourself "Self, how can GorillaSushi offer such fabulous prizes without demanding my first born?". The answer is so complicated that it's easy - GorillaSushi International Inc. has joined a coalition of blogs and has been inducted into an ancient secret society. A prize society, people.
Who's in this mysterious group?
To enter, you'll need a self addressed-stamped envelope, a llama, a pudding cup and you might want to work on your flexibility and cardio for about a week or two.
This contest is easy as 3.14159265 (etc.).
Rather than a set of rules/requirements, you've got some options. The more options you take, the more entries you get and the better chance you have of winning - plus the options apply to any/all of the above blogs! Here's what you can do to enter...
  • Subscribe to RSS via email to any of the above blogs= 2 entries (if you already subscribe, just use another email address and cancel at the end of the contest)

  • Leave a comment of value (not just “i agree”, etc.) on any of the blogs above = 1 entry (you do this already, right?)
  • Write a post about the contest on your blog (must include a link to this page and the links above to the participating blogs) = 25 entries
So there it is. Easy, right? Comment like you always do, subscribe via email and write a quick post. If you were to blog about it today, leave 1 comment on each of the above blogs and subscribe to each of our feeds, you would already have 46 entries to win!
The deadline for this contest is 12:00 AM February 1, 2008 so you've got a ton of opportunities to enter.
If you’re going to blog about this contest, you can start with the image and code here if you need it.
Good luck, suckas!


antibarbie's picture
How 2 Blogger is giving away another 100 smackaroos then is he... I guess he could afford it now that he doesn't have to save up for that shiny new Nintendo Wii... *grumbles* Best of luck with the contest Jason and have a kick arse 2008! ;)
Lis's picture
Man, 100$ will pay for more than a year's worth of hosting for me!
Lis's picture
Ok, either I fail at Maths or you suck at it. How does it add up to 39 entries? 7 subscriptions (7*2) + 7 comments (7*1) + 1 post (25) = 46 entries ???
Jason's picture
The correct answer = I suck at it.
Thanks to you Maths Princess. I've corrected my mistake.
I would like to point out that in the 8th dimension on Saturn on alternating Tuesdays my maths would have been absolutely correct.
Lis's picture
Oh well, considering my major in uni, I'm supposed to be able to count. So, do I get a tiara?
evilwoobie's picture
took me a whole minute before I remembered what 3.14159265 stands for lol. I'm trusting lis' equation. It looks good. :D
meleah rebeccah's picture
100$? Wow. Thats a lot of cheddar.
Jason's picture
I've always said that reading GorillaSushi makes you smarter...
That's also a lot of guda, roquefort and string, depending on your individual cheese tastes.
black.pixie's picture
I agree! I agree! I agree! Ok, now for a prayer. Hands together now, people. May 2008 be the best you've ever had May it rain buckets of marshmallows and ATMs gone mad May each 19th step you take lighten your day All in agreement, can I get a big HEY? (Cue rock music as crowd says: 'I agree, I agree, now let's flee from this woman b4 she busts another poem')
Billy Grady's picture
Ive subscribed, I've blogged and now I have commented about the contest. First contest I have done and since I found 6 new sites with worthy content to subscribe to it is all worth it (and everyone could use $100). Oh yeah. I Agree!
Gerri's picture
Mate, thats a good amount of cash you are giving away. My wife and I could put that away into the savings account we started up for out trip back home (Zimbabwe) later in the year. We have a 7 month old daughter who has not yet seen her grandparents and she needs to soon!
jam's picture
hi there, happy new year! 100 bucks would go a long way for me, so opted to post an entry and subscribed as well. hopefully it'll do the trick (fingers crossed). cheers!
aleeya79's picture
Ok I am in :) 100 buck will be 340 in Ringgit Malaysia hehe my post http://www.lankapo.hostedwith.us/blog/?p=15
indoconsoles's picture
Subscribe to your feeds via email. post about the contest in my blog. Here my comments : Nice contest dude.
Free Money Maker's picture
Ya I will suck at both.Make sure tonight whether I have posted or not.7 comments that means Iwill get 7 visit atleast.Get ready lol.We will meet soon.Thanz.
gLf's picture
Here we are: http://aboutblogcontest.blogspot.com/2008/01/win-100-easy.html Subscribed by mail! Thanks!
Aizat's picture
Thats a huge amount of money. I am interested but need to read again what to do. seems need a little effort here.
Free Money Maker's picture
Hi goo evening .I have posted those contest in my blog.You can see those to check once.Please support me by givving me your valuable tips for blog.Thanks.
jama's picture
Sorry forgot to put the link to my post about the contest, but here it is: http://jam-jovir.blogspot.com/2008/01/100-bucks-to-be-given-away-with-no_3313.html Cheers!
Geekstr's picture
Yo brotha, the link to my post on the contest is here: http://www.mentalrefugee.com/2008/01/06/gorillasushi-is-giving-away-his-naners/ Enjoy
aksn1p3r's picture
My entry and subscription is all yours, and others on the link too :) http://entrecard.blogspot.com/2008/01/who-want-to-pay-you-100.html
Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings's picture
blogged ya: http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/2008/01/monday-edition-of-contests-galore.html
danandmarsh's picture
Hi, great site! I blogged this give away on my site and subscribed to your rss feed!!! YIPPEE!!!
witchypoo's picture
You are an evil genius :) Off to subscribe now. Try not to behave while I'm gone.
Jorge's picture
I followed all the steps. The chances look good! ;)
Jorge's picture
Here is the link: http://2magicminds.com/?p=302
Kris's picture
Just trying out my luck...hehe ;)
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